Education is the cornerstone of CLET’s mission. As we focus on the legal challenges of tomorrow, we are training the next generation of experts to solve them.

Student Programs

Education is the cornerstone of CLET’s mission. As we focus on the legal challenges of tomorrow, we are training the next generation of experts to solve them.

Student Programs

CLET offers a variety of programs for university students including research support and supervision, internships, moots and hangout engagements.

Research support and supervision

In their last year of law school, students at the University undertake to write a dissertation in partial fulfilment of the requirements of an LLB degree. CLET not only offers a wide variety of research topics to select from, but also provides guidance throughout the entire process under the mentorship of our esteemed faculty. The researchers recruited for each year are supervised directly or indirectly by our faculty staff, and later have the opportunity of developing their dissertations into Working Papers and Policy Briefs, with institutional support.


We partner with a number of key players and stakeholders in government and industry. Exceptional students who volunteer with the Centre and are interested in law and technology shall be extended an opportunity to work with some of CLET’s distinguished partners. This increases their relevance in the marketplace once they step out of the University. CLET also offers research assistantships for students to support faculty staff, which prepares them for a research fellowship with the Centre.

Moots and debates

CLET conducts a moot court annually on the most contentious issues arising in the law and technology space. The moot exercise is first conducted amongst students, from where the best team is selected for a grand debate against a team comprised of industry experts and lawyers already in practice. The goal is to slowly cement students’ appreciation of emerging technology and the surrounding issues.

Clusters and Hangouts

The Centre organizes monthly hangouts, one for each cluster on a rotational basis. These are geared towards providing students with the opportunity and environment to brainstorm and think through the latest developments in a particular area of technology, and how to deal with the legal issues that arise. These engagements are overseen by an industry expert and legal practitioner in that field. This exercise is designed to build each student’s expertise in raising awareness on topical issues and identifying their passions in a practical manner.

Masterclasses, Lectures and Short Courses

CLET faculty together with their partners offer various masterclasses a year, on topics across the entire spectrum of the interaction between law, technology, society and industry.

Research Class

The Centre conducts brief classes on the elements and requirements of advanced clinical legal research. These are taught strictly by CLET staff and are only open to the research fellows and research assistants for every year. They are intended to equip them with improved research and writing skills required to contribute to CLET’s resource Centre.

Guest Lectures, Public Dialogues and Symposiums

Through strategic partnerships, CLET hosts and convenes a number of educative gatherings to discuss relevant developments in law and technology. These discussions are conducted by distinguished experts across various disciplines. The interaction is intended to serve as a uniting ground for all players in the field to share ideas and develop solutions to address the country’s needs, using emerging technology within the appropriate legal framework that players upholds transparency and accountability.


The Centre conducts a masterclass in the third quarter of every year. Intended for midcareer executives, this course is aimed at facilitating each participant’s awareness of the practical technological interventions shaping their industry. acquire a deeper understanding and better appreciation of the different technologies..